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microgamingAmong the top online game providers microgaming is one of the companies that will feature in the list without any question. Microgaming has always been among the top and the best online game providers for a very long time. There are also other service providers in this industry and this has only served to increase the competition among the online gaming providers. With the increased competition, things have become better and better and new ideas have been developed all for the purpose of improving the game.

Microgaming has also not been left behind when it comes to releasing new products to the customers. Recently, this company launched a new product that is very closely related to remote gambling. This new product does not exactly offer online gambling but there is a very close relationship. This is a new blackjack game by the name Bronzebeard Blackjack the Strategy Coach. Prior to this game there was the Bronzebeard game which was very popular with the Great Galaxy Grab game. In this game, Bronzebeard acted the role in which he was searching for his wife all over the globe. Bronzebeard was also a master in blackjack and used to help out the players master the blackjack strategy.

This new product teaches players how to play blackjack using a strategy through a mobile app. This is a 3D mobile app that helps the players acquire optimal techniques that they can use to play the multi level Bronzebeard Blackjack the Strategy Coach. This mobile app is however specifically designed for Xbox as well as windows 8.0. This game thus supports all the current windows 8 phones as well as the old windows 7 OS.

It is very easy to get this application as it can be simply downloaded from Microsoft Windows Phone Store. This app is just awesome as it features four different levels of game play, very many treasure wins as well as over 60 3D animations. This mobile will definitely hit the market with a bang. There is no doubt that this is among the finest that microgaming has ever produced and it is not only the best for this company but in the entire app world. There are very many advantages of downloading and using this app and for sure you would never regret playing this game.

Microgaming is fully determined to be the best and stay as the best online gaming provider. It is for this reason that it has announced that it will also be unveiling another game later this month. The name will go by the title Girls with Guns-Jungle Heat. Don’t be left behind; make sure you catch this game with lots more entertaining game.


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