Prime Slots ‘Swamps’ Gamers with Cartoon Fun by Adding Frogs ‘n Flies


Prime SlotsThe fun Amaya software game of five reels offers a total of 1,024 options of winning, funny animations, frequent payouts, numerous exciting features and cute cartoon characters.
Frogs ‘n Flies incorporates free spins, a wild symbol,scatters, along with prizes reaching a maximum of £2,500. Every form of action occurs within hunting precincts of the frog, which is a lake-bottom. The slot feels and gives the viewing impression of crystal-clear pond through a picture window. A lot of intuition has been put into overall design. The music employed is upbeat and happy and harmonizes well with the symbols and background image to enhance the enjoyment and atmosphere of gaming.

The available routine symbols include dancing turtle, lotus flower, as well as a fish winking and swimming off-screen by flicking its tail, gaming with card symbols ranging from nine to Ace, a wild symbol showing up in the free spin mode and regular game-play. Additional “Wild Flies” plunge in landing on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels. It reminds gamers of having greater winning chances and building anticipation. Scatter symbol is game logo making the payout of top prize. Landing any five-scatter grouping wins a gamer the top prize of jackpot along with 20 spins for free; the four scatters offers award of 10 spins along with 1,000 coins; while three scatters provides 5 spins and 200 coins. Gamers only need sit back in comfort and watch additional wilds load, which is followed by free spins starting in automatic fashion.

The game utilizes the system termed “ways to win”, as opposed to employing regular pay-lines. As such, rather than choose how many lines to bet on, gamers place bets on all the 1,024 possible ways of winning with a 40-coin bet size. The bet may be boosted to a maximum number of 200 coins, which is a multiple of initial betting figureby five times, the equivalent of each line having five coins. Coin values have a maximum value of €0.10, implying no one can place the maximum €20 in order to win the entire jackpot carrying coins reaching 25,000 in total.

The game Frogs ‘n Flies offers clients countless hours of entertaining and easy game-play that is filled with numerous bubbly and rewarding moments.


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