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RivalThere are thousands of slots games that can be played at online casino. Among these very many slot games, there are also a good number of them that have the zombie theme. This is a very interesting theme and the players most of the time would prefer to play the zombie themed games other than any other slot game.  Nonetheless, of all the zombie themed slot games that are in existence there is none which is as interesting as the one that has been launched recently by Rival Gaming. This online slot game is called Zombiezee money and in case you have not played the game make sure you do so and get to enjoy the amazing experience.

The introduction clip of the game explains everything about the game in detail. The game is basically about a zombie virus that has infected a town. Everyone in this small town has been infected by the zombie virus and there are only a few surviving people who have to fight the zombies in order to stay alive or else they will be the living dead zombies just like the other infected people. The surviving people include Patty Pipeswinger, Flaming Moe and Chainsaw Charley. These people attack the zombies viciously and win the animations.


There is a guarantee sign against zombie infestation and this is the scatter symbol. The hand symbol awards jackpot payout of 4000 coins. The scatter symbol is not only a sign of non-infestation from the zombies but it also awards five free spins for three symbols; twenty five free spins for five symbols as well as ten free spins from four symbols. All the payouts in the free spins are also tripled.

It is a common feature in many Rival Gaming online slot games that there is one bonus game on the second screen. However, when you play Zombiezee Money you have a greater advantage as this game offers two bonus games instead of one. There many more interesting features of this game and you will be doing yourself a lot of injustice if you don’t get the chance to play the game. The game has been improved from many of the other online slot games and the bonuses as well as the payouts are just amazing.

This is also a very unique game in the sense that it is a 20 payline and a five reel video slot game. The wager for the players can be as high as ten coins per payline and the domination of the coin may vary from 0.01 to 0.25. Maximum spin per spin totals up to fifty credits. This game also offers a maximum payout of 30,000 coins.


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